430 - Das Ultimatum der Cappins
The Ultimatum of the Cappins
Clark Darlton

The Cappins are beginning to realize they are stuck and they decide to send an ultimatum to the Terrans: either they receive a spaceship and the temporal field gets deactivated so they can leave the Milky Way, or they will restart the Death Satellite, transforming the sun in a nova, even though it also means their death.

Rhodan decides to show his good will and stops the Sun from oscillating in time. Atlan is sent to negotiate with the Cappins and he gains their trust. They all agree to destroy the installations that will turn the Sun into a nova, but as soon as the destruction starts, a protection mechanism kicks in and starts killing the Cappins one by one by forced pedotransfer.

Terrans and Cappins leave the Death Satellite in haste and only three Cappins survive. Rhodan realizes that the Time Deformer is their only chance to destroy the satellite now, but the three Cappins are eventually killed by the protection mechanism.

Cedric Beust 2005-06-06

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