429 - Im Land der blauen Türme
In the Land of the Blue Towers
Hans Kneifel

Shortly before the ZTD departs for the present, Alaska is subject to a strong hexadim radition because of his Cappin fragment and he runs away. Lord Zwiebus goes after him and they both end up in Genetica, a peninsula where two hundred towers that are eight hundred meters high are erected. One hundred meter spheres hover at the top of the towers and the Terrans discover that they are at the origin of the fertility of the centaurs.

The Terran scientists determine that the centaurs have been created by the Cappins with the intent of accelerating the evolution of the Lemurians by subjecting them to constant threats. Something happened to the station which grew out of control, thereby overflowing the Lemurians with hostile forces they can no longer contain.

The Terrans fix the towers, guaranteeing that the centaurs and other creatures will be extinct in the following years, but also creating the myths and legends that would eventually resurface in human history.

The Terrans finally resume their journey back toward the present.


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