423 - Sonderkommando Atlan
Special Commando Atlan
Clark Darlton

On June 19th, 3433, Lord Zwiebus realizes that when they were exploring the Cappin spaceship, lieutenant Habas Beruda fell under the control of one of them. Then the Cappin escaped and transfered into another Terran. Atlan creates a group of people whom he thinks cannot be subject to pedotransfer and begins investigating, determined to find out which Terran is now controlled by a Cappin.

They quickly identify Galbraith Deighton as the culprit and Atlan sets a trap into which the Cappin falls: he tries to hurl a spaceship into the ATG generator in order to free his compatriots from the temporal field, but Pucky materializes in time and pretends that he's about to kill Deighton. Afraid to die as well, the Cappin leaves the chief of security.

Since the Cappin left abruptly, he didn't have time to wipe Deighton's memory, and the Terrans learn some precious information. The Pedotransfer is not limited in distance and when the Cappins transfer themselves, they have to leave their body behind.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-23

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