422 - Die Zeitpendler
The Pendulum of Time
Hans Kneifel

A group of ten thousand Cappins is experimenting with one of their moon-size spaceships. They are trying to travel in the future but something goes wrong and their ship starts oscillating between the past and the future in the Dakkar Zone, the region in between the continuums. They detect emergency signals coming from the Death Satellite inside Sol III and eight thousand of them teleport onto the satellite via pedostransfer.

On May 31st 3433, a cylinder spaceship enters the Sol system. A Terran team enters it and finds it abandoned. Alaska Saedelaere tells Rhodan that Cappins were inside but they teleported out of it. The Terrans evacuate the spaceship shortly before it blows up.

Rhodan then has an idea to keep the Cappins prisoners of the Satellite in hope that they will deactivate it in order not to be destroyed when the sun turns into a nova. The ATG field that keeps the solar system in the future is altered to oscillate, making the Cappins now unable to leave the Solar System. Their commander, named Lecufe, orders them to disable the destruct system and the sun returns normal.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-13

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