421 - Report eines Neandertalers
Report from a Neandertalian
H.G. Ewers

In April 3433, the sun is increasingly perturbed by the Death Satellite and the radiations it emits have a debilitating effect on Alaska Saedelaere and Lord Zwiebus. Rhodan sees a connection between the two events and wonders if the mysterious people that Lord Zwiebus met 200,000 years ago have something to do with the fragment that is inserted into Alaska's face. He puts the two men in contact, which makes Lord Zwiebus remember his past.

200,000 years ago, the Earth is discovered by a humanoid race called the Cappins. They are capable of mentally taking control of other creatures and soon realize that Neanderthals are excellent receptacles for their experiments. They try to create mutations in the entire population of the Earth by installing the Death Satellite inside the sun. The Death Satellite is also programmed to annihilate the entire Solar System in case these experiments were discovered by the rest of the Cappins.

After his hypnosis session, Lord Zwiebus regains consciousness and is now acting and speaking as a normal human being. He tells the Terrans that the expedition that led to the discovery of the station where he was resting is most likely the reason why the Death Satellite was activated.


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