420 - Rätsel der Vergangenheit
The Riddle of the Past
Clark Darlton

In March 3433, Perry Rhodan receives an emergency call from Harno in the Leyden system. When he gets there, the mysterious sphere materializes inside the Intersolar and tells the Terrans that he has discovered that he has a direct ancestral link with the Accalauries. When Accutron Mspoern arrives in the Leyden system, Harno shows Rhodan scenes from the past.

1.8 million years ago, an intelligent cluster broke off from an energy cloud from the Anti Universe. It shrouded a planet and gave birth to a million Accalauries. In the 500,000 years that followed, they developed a civilization and a million years later, started searching for their origins.

The rest of the energy cloud became unstable and started spinning, soon creating a black hole that hurled it into the Einsteinian Universe. In the 500,000 years that followed, the new entity destroyed entire clusters of stars and was called the Suprahet by the inhabitants of the Milky Way, until it was turned into the planet Hercules by the Ancient Ones, 1.2 million years ago.

Harno and the Terror Worms on Sepulchre were created from fragments of Hercules. The Terror Worms made a pact with the Blues to transport the molkex created by their siblings. Thousands of years later, the war between Terrans and Blues created quantities of loose molkex that started fleeing toward the center of the Milky Way and eventually rematerialized in the Anti Universe of the Accalauries.

When the Accalauries saw the molkex materialize in their universe, they realized where the original energy cloud went and decided to follow it into the Einsteinian Universe.

Now that they have solved the mystery of their origin, the Accalauries want to return to their original form of an energy cloud, but Rhodan convinces them to abandon this plan, since it would lead to the creation of another Suprahet. The Accalauries agree to return to their own universe and Harno follows them.

IT appears to Rhodan after a long time of silence and admits to having fled in front of the Suprahet. He also mentions to Pucky that there are other Ilts in the Universe but refuses to disclose their location.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-03

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