419 - Konferenz der Verräter
Conference of the Lost Ones
William Voltz

On the planet Fisher, the administrator Esybon Herrihet wants to take advantage of the disappearance of the Solar System to take control of most of its planets. At the same time, Atlan is asked to meet Tipa Riordan in secret but actually falls into a trap. The Lady Pirate gives no explanation and locks Atlan up.

When Pucky finally locates and frees Atlan, Atlan tells them that he is now working for Herrihet. Rhodan arrives on the planet with the Intersolar, ready to end the crisis, but it turns out that Herrihet didn't have any other goal than to force the Solar System to come back into the normal continuum in order to address the various crises that have erupted since its disappearance. Rhodan agrees and announces that very soon, the Solar System will return to its normal place in the present.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-03

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