416 - Der Supermutant
The Super Mutant
H.G. Ewers

Ribald Corello has the body of a two-year old and a brain that is fifty-centimeter in diameter. He moves around with a robot that he controls mentally and spends most of his time in a sarcophagus. For centuries, he has conserved the body of his mother, Gevoreny Tatstun, in a cryogenic state and he has vowed to conquer the Solar System in her memory.

When the Antis try to rebel against him, he retaliates by teleporting bombs inside their temples and finally regains their obedience, but a young Anti called Harkh Tonos flees and is able to inform the Terran cruiser Atlanta before Corello kills him by exploding his brain remotely.

A fleet is sent to the system of Drofonta, where Corello has been located but Corello destroys it and manages to implant hypnotic orders in the brain of Perricone Heublein, the commander of the operation. Then Heublein is released and rescued by Rhodan on the Intersolar as he's approaching Galaner.

Cedric Beust 2005-02-28

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