415 - Freunde aus einem fremden Universum
Friends from a foreign Universe
Clark Darlton

On December 18th, an accident causes the total destruction of the station of Accutron Mspoern on Callisto. The Accalaurie is left with very little antimatter-based air and Rhodan has eight days to find a solution or Accutron will die.

Rhodan asks for a galaxy-wide search of other Accalaurie spaceships in the hope that he can send Mspoern back with his compatriots before he runs out of air. One day before the deadline, an Accalaurie spaceship is located and accepts the communication from the Terrans. After Rhodan reassured him about the safety of the Ynkelonium Shield, Mspoern is safely transfered back into the Accalaurie spaceship and Rhodan gives them a thousand tons of Ynkelonium as a gift.

Cedric Beust 2005-02-19

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