413 - Die Sonnenforscher
The Solar Researchers
H.G. Ewers

Another attempt on Zwiebus manages to reveal some of his memories, among which the existence of a one-eyed creature that took part in medical experiment that were performed on the Neanderthal.

An expedition is set up and the scientist Floyd Jurrow leads a team of researchers inside the sun on board the Sun Dragon, a spaceship whose shields have been reinforced for the mission. After a deep dive in the chronosphere, they discover the Death Satellite, which turns out to be a two-thousand meter diameter station that is protected by a radiation that incites everyone on board the Sun Dragon to turn around. Only the Accalarurie and his robot are spared and they lead the Sun Dragon out of the Sun.

Since nothing can be done to stop the Death Satellite, Rhodan decides to go back into the past with the Time Annihilator and prevent its installation.

Cedric Beust 2005-02-19

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