412 - Gefahr von Sol
Danger from Sol
H.G. Ewers

In September 3432, the Terrans discover a damaged Accalaurie ship. Using the experimental Ynkelonium Shield, a shuttle is sent to board the Accalaurie vessel and Rhodan meets its pilot, Accutron Mspoern, and his robot, Lobbyhuvos. Accutron is impressed by the boldness of the Terrans and is eventually convinced of the friendliness of the Terrans.

One month later, Mspoern discovers a set of anomalies in the radiations coming from the Sun and he tells Rhodan he suspects that a ticking bomb is probably buried deep inside Sol and will cause the star to turn into a supernova if the Terrans don't act fast.

When the Accalaurie estimates that a Death Satellite must have been hidden in the Sun since about 200,000 years ago, he wonders if there is any connection with the cave that was recently uncovered in the Pacific and where they found Lord Zwiebus.

Rhodan asks for a mental probe on the Neandertal Man in order to explore his memories but the experiment has to be stopped because Zwiebus nearly dies.

Cedric Beust 2005-02-19

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