411 - Brennpunkt Mimas
Meeting on Mimas
Hans Kneifel

Rhodan arrives on Copernic to assist Cascal. The two men infiltrate the Lapalists and manage to participate in the time jump, arriving in 2909. The Time Annihilator was given to the Lapalists by Tefrodians and is based on technology developed by the Master of the Island.

Cascal is given a shuttle and sent to Mimas, where the mutants are about to start the Second Genesis crisis, but the spaceship breaks down because of a sabotage and when Cascal finally arrives on Mimas, he's too late to prevent the birth of Corello.

When Cascal finally locates Gevoreny Tsatsun, he is forced to retreat by the Antis, who tell him that the young mutant is part of a project to create a supermutant. Cascal returns to the Newton system and tells Rhodan about his failure. The commando travels back to the present and Rhodan and Cascal manage to steal the plans of the Time Annihilator.

Cedric Beust 2005-02-19

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