41 - Der Partner des Giganten
The Partner of the Giant
Clark Darlton

Ace title: The Giant's Partner

Rogal, a fighter of the underground organization, tries to assassinate the Zarlt Demesor. While this is possible, he only kills a robot, not the Zarlt. He is captured, mentally squeezed and forced to betray his friends by the Mooffs and their abilities. The attempt to arrest the other rebels fails.

There are new Mooffs imported which will continue to be killed undetected by the Mutant Corps. Zarlt Demesor pressures Perry Rhodan to have him make the secret about the capture of TITAN known and to enter into the conspiracy to overthrow the Robot Regent. The Zarlt informed the Positronic brain on Arkon that his space fleet managed to ascertain the location of the TITAN, but he did not say that it is present on the Zalit private spaceport. The Zarlt also asked for support of Arkonís robot fleet. The Zarlt also bans Perry Rhodan the from leaving. Demesorís goal is to hijack the TITAN and use the ship to increase the chances of his coup attempt.

Using one of GANYMEDís Fiktiv transmitter Perry escapes unnoticed with a Gazelle and contacts the Robot Regent. Perry explained the truth to him and supported his statement with the statements of the Empire loyal Commodore Zernif and the real location of the TITAN. So the Regent must acknowledge as part of the logic that Perry appears to be aligning with the Empire, and they agree that Perry will help the Robot Regent against Demesor. He receives the TITAN as payment.

Back to Zalit, a diversion of the rebels also unnoticed, Zarlt Demesors offers an invitation to Perry followed by John Marshall and Bully. With the help of some Mooffs, the Zarlt wants to force Perry and his friends to cooperate. Perry and his friends are captured. The Mutant Corps with the underground fighters lead the revolution. Gucky watches telepathically what happenes to Perry. When it is critical, Gucky can save time by using his additional capabilities of teleportation and telekinesis to release the prisoners. Here Zarlt Demesor is killed.

Through the successful change of government Perry proves to the Robot Regent that he acts in the interests of the empire, and so is "Partner of the Giant."

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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