408 - Amoklauf der Mutanten
Mutants run Amok
William Voltz

Atlan remembers what happened during the crisis of the Second Genesis, five hundred years ago...

In 2907, several mutants began suffering from an abnormal expansion of psychic powers, leading to erratic behaviors. They are all taken to a hospital on Mimas for further study, but their mental health degrades and eventually, leads Kitai Ishibashi to kill John Marshall. Kitai takes Marshall's activator and hands it to his wife, the Anti Gevoreny Tatstun, so she can take care of their unborn son.

Tako Kakuta sabotages the transmitter on Mimas, killing Allan D. Mercant as he arrives on the Moon. The Emotionaut Galbraith Deighton is nominated chief of Solar Defense in his place. The mutants devastate Mimas and escape with the help of Nos Vigeland, one of the three leaders from the Carsual Alliance, whose final goal is to obtain three activators for himself and the other two leaders.

Rhodan chases their spaceship and sends the two Woolver twins after them, but the wave riders are killed by the eight mutants as soon as they rematerialize on the ship, which then disappears into linear space.

A few days later, Rhodan receives a message from Tipa Riordan, who tells him she will disclose the location of the mutants in exchange for a cell activator. Rhodan accepts and heads for Ragulot, a planet in the Dabrifa empire.

On Ragulot, the eight mutants cause further devastation but are eventually killed by Nos Vigeland, who had made them ingest a drug that he finally activated. Vigeland seizes cell activators for Dabrifa, Runeme Shilter, Terser Frascati and himself. Two of the four activators are handed to Tipa Riordan and Galbraith Deighton. The dead bodies of the eight mutants are released into space by the Krest.

After he reminisces, Atlan realizes that Ribald Corello is the son of Kitai Ishibash and Gevoreny Tatstun.

Cedric Beust 2005-02-18

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