407 - Das neue Element
The New Element
H.G. Ewers

Derbolav of Grazia, the patriarch of a Springer clan, discovers the wreck of a spaceship on the planet Obsunthys. In the archives, he finds information on a new element called Ynkelonium which is capable of making terkonit thirty times as hard. The recording gives the location and the name of the planet where the ore can be found: Maverick.

Derbolav flies with his fleet to Maverick, in the Blue empire, and penetrates the atmosphere of the gas giant. On the planet, he encounters Accalauries, antimatter creatures with a spherical chest, two legs and four eyes. Derbolav realizes that the Accalauries are also interested in the Ynkelonium because it could be used as a way to isolate both universes, preventing them from interacting with each other.

Noticing the concentration of Accalauries in the Maverick system, Atlan and Rhodan arrive there with a fleet and claim the Ynkelonium for the Solar Empire. Comfortably compensated for his efforts, Derbolav accepts and surrenders the precious ore to Rhodan.

Cedric Beust 2005-02-18

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