405 - Die Marionetten von Astera
The Puppets from Astera
Hans Kneifel

Norman Yorder, a agent of the Solar Abwehr, was sent to the planet Astra, a new colony of the Tary Federation. Major Kunutson had sent an emergency alarm from this world and then became silent.

Almost all of the inhabitants were under the powerful hypno impulse from the capital city. Yorder's landing ship was destroyed. He managed to escape and found the bird-like robots helped the hypnos demands by paralyzing those who could resist this impulse.

Joak Cascal, who used to be a Major of Solar Fleet and was a prospector, also came to Astra. Due to an old injury, he can resist the hypno impulse. When he found Yorder, Cascal suspected he was also a Marionet. Yoder disclosed his real name. He was Perry Rhodan himself.

Two men went to the capital city and found about a hundred normal men in the Solar Abwehr center. They made plans to free Astra. Cascal sent a message to the Solar fleet. The antenna of the government house and amplifiers in air was destroyed simultaneously from underground and from space.

In 28th March 3432, Corello was lost and disappeared from Astera.

Cedric Beust 2004-10-10

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