404 - Die Piraten-Lady
The Lady Pirate
William Voltz

In February 3432, the Pirate spaceship Arpege is attacked by a psychic weapon. Shortly thereafter, the pirate lady Tipa Riordan receives a message from someone about to betray the existence of the Ghost System. Tipa Riordan suspects this Ghost System might be the Solar System and she captures the traitor before he can reveal his information. Then, Tipa Riordan contacts Atlan and tells him about her discovery.

For the meeting, Atlan is accompanied by Alaska Saedelaere, who was once the victim of a teleportation accident and rematerialized with mysterious wounds on his face that cause anyone looking at him to become crazy. Since then, he has been wearing a mask and he has become a logician for the Terran government.

Atlan, Alaska and Tipa question the prisoner who reveals the name of Ribald Corello and the coordinates of a planet. Atlan heads there with a fleet and soon, the entire crew falls victim to a strong psychic suggestion. Only Atlan and the other members of his crew who are psycho-stabilized, manage to escape the influence and hide on the ice planet.

Atlan and his team are finally rescued by Galbraight Deighton and when they find the dead body of the traitor, they realize that not only is Ribald Corello a powerful hypnotizer, he is also a living fictive transmitter.

Cedric Beust 2004-09-22

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