400 - Menschheit im Zwielicht
Mankind in Twilight
K.H. Scheer

A thousand years have passed since the war against the Ulebs. In the meantime, the Solar Imperium has lost a lot of its power, and also important members, such as Allan Mercant, Mory Rhodan-Abro and John Marshall. On October 1st, 3430, Perry Rhodan is preparing the forthcoming elections for the title of Great Administrator and visits the planet Taura as part of his campaign.

In his absence, Galbraith Deighton, the new chef of the Solar Defense, discovers a secret base under the Pacific Ocean much older than Lemurian ones. The scientists find the body of a Neanderthal in a state of cold-sleep. As they wake him up, a signal is sent out to an unknwown destination and the base is completely destroyed. The man says his name is Lord Zwiebus.

Atlan visits the Nosmo, the capital of the Imperium Dabrifa and makes contact with Khonan-Tap, the group in rebellion against the Imperator Dabrifa. Dabrifa asked for Perry Rhodan's cooperation fighting two other power blocks: the Carsual Federation and the Central Galactic Union.

After Rhodan wins the election, these blocks decide to use their forces against the Solar System. But Rhodan and the professor Abel Waringer started preparing for this event 500 years ago.When the alarm from USO specialists on Nosmo is received, the whole SOL system is shifted into the Antitemporal Field (ATF). From the viewscreen of the Union fleet directed by Dabrifa, the SOL system vanishes as it is displaced five minutes into the future.

The new dawn of Mankind starts.

Cedric Beust

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