399 - Alarm für die Galaxis
Alarm for the Galaxy
H.G. Ewers

The light cruiser Panto Pea discovers an old statoin on an asteroid that seems to have been created by It but was completely destroyed by the Beasts. Shortly thereafter, a big hyperspace shock is detected coming from the center of the galaxy and the Terrans realize that the Creators of the Centers have just arrived in the Milky Way with a huge fleet commanded by Kibosh Baiwoff.

The Terrans determine that the Okefenokees are headed toward Enemy to destroy the Beasts there and afterwards, they will probably attack the Halutians as well. Rhodan heads for Enemy where he tries to convince the Okefenokees but his advice falls on deaf ears and soon turn Enemy into a nova.

A commando is sent on Uleb 1 in a last-ditch attempt to salvage any information they can and Roi Danton gets killed in one of the fights against the Beasts. Enemy turns into a nova and destroys Atlas and the entire Uleb civilization. Rhodan demonstrates the hyperinmestron, which they used against the Masters of the Islands to destroy the star transmitter, and the Okfenokees, impressed, withdraw.

The Solar Empire has won but it's been almost entirely destroyed and it is expected that it will take decades to recover from the conflict.

Cedric Beust 2005-04-13

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