398 - Das Ende der Dolans
The End of the Dolans
Hans Kneifel

In the Solar System, a fleet of nine thousand Dolans is detected and reports show that they are now immune to the DpF devices. The Terran forces suffer massive losses and when he is informed of the situation, Rhodan asks Bontainer to go ask the Halutians for help.

When they arrive on Haluta, they are attacked by the Halutians and after making a contact with a Terran professor on the surface, they understand why: a failed experiment led to the activation of a transmitter that materialized three Ulebs on the planet. They emit a radiation that is making the Halutians revert to their primitive state of Ulebs.

Bontainer sends a commando on the planet and they manage to kill the three Ulebs. Bontainer then asks Waxo Khana for help and fifteen Halutians spaceships are dispatched to the Solar System.

On the Earth, the situation is disastrous. Old Man has been completely destroyed and the Dolans are methodically destroying everything on the surface of the planet. The Halutian fleet eventually defeats the Dolans but the Solar Empire is now in shambles.

Cedric Beust 2005-04-06

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