395 - Die Hyperseuche
The Hyper Search
Kurt Mahr

Further researches on the Baramo spaceship turns out a memory crystal that is soon deciphered by the Halutians, revealing the history of their race.

The Halutians are the result of genetic manipulations conducted 70,000 years ago by the rulers of M-87 in order to create superior warriors. The warriors rebelled and fled, some of them finding shelter in the Greater Magellanic Clouds, where they created a new type of Bestians capable of possessing other bodies.

Still traumatized against the Okefenokees, they developed a sheer hatred against any civilization capable of traveling through time and they started fighting the Lemurians as soon as they detected their time experiments. The expedition destroyed the Lemurian civilization and then settled on Haluta, while the Bestians remained in Magellan created a third type: the Bi-Conditioned.

When Icho Tolot seens the dead Beast, he identifies him as an Uleb, a memeber of the First Frequential Power. The Halutian took with him a virus created by the Ulebs to get rid of rebels.

The spaceship is set up so that the death seems to have occurred because of the virus. Then the Baramo spaceship is sent toward its original destination, where it is captured by a tractor beam and brought to the surface. When Ulebs discover the dead body, they panick and the Terrans use the diversion to go into hiding.

The Terrans call for help and a powerful fleet arrives near the planet, called Gurrad Port, and attacks it. An Uleb spaceship takes off and heads for an unknown destination, followed by a Terran shuttle.

Cedric Beust 2005-04-06

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