392 - Das Schiff der grünen Geister
The Ship of the Green Ghosts
Clark Darlton

On its way to Sempervirente, a secret Terran base, examination of the neo-bilatium creates a hyperray emission that turns the entire crew into immaterial ghosts. Unable to interact with physical matter any more, the Terrans can no longer steer the ship.

However, Pucky is unaffected because he fell asleep in his spacesuit, and he manages to manipulate the commands to put the spaceship in orbit around the second planet of a sun called Neo. Then the spaceship lands on the second planet and hides at the bottom of the ocean.

The analysis of the neo-bilatium reveals that the substance has the power to mutate the pseudo-Gurrads.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-21

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