390 - Die CREST im Strahlensturm
Crest in the Radiant Storm
H.G. Ewers

On June 13th, 2437, the Khrets V discovers the Olato, an enhanced positronic ship. The computer tells the Terrans that the masters of the Magellanic Clouds are the Okefenokees who mutated the Bestians and then fleed from M-87. Rhodan decides to head for Baykalob in order to find out why the Baramos eggs are so important to the First Frequency Power.

Baykalob is surrounded by an impassable paratronic shield and the only way the Terrans can reach the planet is by infiltrating a Baramo spaceship. Many of them are landing on the planet, containing Baramos ready to lay down their eggs.

The Terrans capture a spaceship and after exposing its crew to mental conditioning, manage to land on Baykalob where they are suddenly surrounded by robots, making their exit impossible.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-21

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