39 - Die Welt der drei Planeten
The World of the Three Planets
K.H. Scheer

With the Ganymede secured on the Planet Naat\'s spaceport by tractor beams, and having to face the fact that Sergh, the Arkonide Administrator of Naat can not help him in anyway...Rhodan decides to take matters into his own hands. He tells his men to get a Gazelle ready, and the Teletransmitter crew to prepare to send the Gazelle with 50 veterans of the Vega battles to Arkon.

Khrest and Thora are shocked at the plan and finally relay to Perry their final secret. Arkon consists of three worlds...Arkon #1 The Crystal Planet where the inhabitants live, Arkon #2 is the world of commerce where all commercial interests for the Empire take place. Arkon #3 is the War world where the Robot Brain and all the fleets and war factories are housed.

Rhodan makes the decision to go to Arkon #1 and confront the Imperator of the Arkonide realm. They travel via teletransmitter to the Crystal World and rematerialize within the atmosphere, thus countering any reactions from the defenses of the planet as anything within the atmosphere is deemed \'safe\'.

After flying according to Khrest and Thora\'s directions...to see the sights, they land at a remote gorge and plan their next steps. Thora summons a vehicle which can be done freely by any Arkonide and Perry sets out with Khrest, Thora and a number of mutants to the Crystal Palace. With the mutants abilities, they are able to breach the security of the palace and confront the Imperator, Orcast XXI in his bed chamber. They quickly realize that Orcast cannot help them in any way as he is just a puppet to the Robot Brain. Although this is the case, Orcast does provide help in telling them of Admiral Kenos who is of the old breed of Arkonides. Admiral Kenos is in charge of recruiting alien races to man the Arkonide fleets as the Arkonides are no longer able to do so.

Andre Noir clears Orcast\'s mind of their encounter and they set forth to find Admiral Kenos. They reach his house and Thora goes in to arrange whatever she can with the Admiral. 4 hours after she goes in, the Admiral\'s wife appears and asks Rhodan and his men to join them at the house. They travel there and Rhodan meets with the Admiral, and is very impressed by his bearing. The Admiral inspects Rhodan\'s men and says that with 20 million of them, he could restore the Empire. He agrees to help Rhodan and arranges for them to be recruited into the ranks of the Empire.

Khrest, Thora, Rhodan and his men travel to Arkon #3 The War World to be inducted into the Arkonide forces. They arouse some suspicion when they all test at higher levels of intelligence than most Arkonides. The fact that they are impersonating Zeklonides from Zeklon 5 who were in the Zoltral family army, and thus were given Hypno Schooling allows them to allay the suspicion and they are ordered aboard the Veast Ark, a spaceship of the Universe class measuring 5000 feet in diameter.

They board the vessel and begin training with the equipment and the layout of the ship. While they are doing this Rhodan being to devise a plan as to how they will escape. Things come to a head when the Robot Brain announces that 1500 Naat\'s and 5000 new battle robots will board the vessel within 4 hours. At the same time this happens, the Naat controller boards the Ganymede to find out that Rhodan and a number of his men are missing. He send a report to the Robot Brain immediately. Alarms begin to go off on the Veast Ark, and Rhodan urges his men into action. Ivan Gorataschin goes to the bridge and is able to enter before the door are shut by the Robot Brain. There with his power, he sets off a small detonation in the robot remote control unit which freed up the controls of the ship.

Rhodan, Khrest and Thora take control of the Veast Ark while the rest of the men defend the bridge from the 500 battle robots that were already onboard the ship. The battle rages on, and Rhodan manages to launch the ship. While taking off they are attacked by a number of ships and defences and the Vest Ark repulses them as if they were nothing. Rhodan orders an emergency transition to the 5th planet of the Arkon system where the Ganymede is held captive. He tells Thora to send out \'three Dragons\' code signal before transition and the Ganymede is prepared to free itself from the spaceport with its weapons and with the teletransmitter.

The Ganymede launches and the Veast Ark sweeps over the spaceport causing massive destruction due to its size and speed. Rhodan order Col. Freyt who is in charge of the Ganymede to link up with the Veast Ark and they make another transition. Luckily, a large number of ships transition in to the 5th planet at the same time as Rhodan tranisitons. The short hop of 3 light years allows them the time to firmly link up with the Ganymede so Freyt can send over 800 men to help finish the battle with the robots.

With the help of the men from the Ganymede, the rest of the robots are finished off, and the Veast Ark belongs to Rhodan. He says that he will rename this ship The Titan. As things settle down somewhat, they begin to plan their next steps.

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