389 - Mond der Rebellen
The Moon of the Rebels
Hans Kneifel

Allan D. Mercant brings to Rhodan the latest results from Nathan and he returns to Earth with the two survivors. Rhodan decides to go to the meeting point they had agreed upon with the mysterious Ansiktos, which turns out to be in the area of a supernova ready to explode.

A disc spaceship appears and the strangers introduce themselves as the Baramos. Their commander, Max-1, tells them that for centuries, their race has been enslaved by the Destroyers, which the Terrans identify as the pseudo-Gurrads. The Baramos have been left alive because the pseudo-Gurrads need their eggs, which can only be fecunded on their home planet, Baykalob.

The Baramos take the Terrans back to Baykalobos, their headquarters, located inside a moon. The Terrans identify a pseudo-Gurrad among the Baramos crew and eliminate him, which soon causes several pseudo-Gurrad spaceships to appear and open fire on the Khrest V. The Terrans flee with eight Baramos on board carrying secret documents.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-21

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