388 - Götter aus dem Kosmos
The Gods from Space
Clark Darlton

On Okiah, the Terrans flee down a river in an attempt to escape from the pseudo-Gurrads. They arrive in the fortress of Vallejo whose inhabitants welcome them as gods. Their gods are actually Turlock Mc Nab and Waymire Mashyane, two survivors from the Explorer 3493. The Tomacs made them their sovereigns and they tell the Terrans their story.

During their mission in the Magellanic clouds, the Ex-3493 made contact with a Ansiktos spaceship. They agree to meet on Ukiah but as soon as they land, they are attacked by the pseudo-Gurrads, who kill the entire crew except for Mc Nab and Mashyane.

The two Terrans have been able to locate the Gurrad station and Pucky manages to destroy it by teleporting and dropping off a bomb inside. A conical spaceship then heads toward Ukiah but is destroyed in time by the Khrest V.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-21

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