383 - Die phantastische Reise der FD-4
The Fantastic Journey of the FD-4
Clark Darlton

Still chased by the conical spaceships, the Francis Drake lands on the planet Sherrano and manages to send the Gazelle FD-4 ask for help. Roi Danton realizes that the aggressors are using sequential cannons and the Terrans are forced to hide further.

The FD-4 lands on a planet called Typhoon to make repairs and is contacted by the Yreks, the natives of Typhoon. Following a morse code emission, the Free Traders discover the wreckage of one of the Explorers that disappear in the Magellanic Clouds months ago.

The diary of the Ex-1068 reveals that the spaceship was forced to land on Typhoon by conical spaceships and then died from an unknown disease. The crew of the FD-4 realizes that the conical spaceships are driven by Gurrads and then resume their flight toward the Milky Way, where they eventually report to Perry Rhodan.

Cedric Beust

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