382 - Planet der Ruinen
Planet of Ruins
William Voltz

A small explorer spaceship is approaching the Magellanic cloud where several explorers have been missing lately. Among the crew are five Springers who had their blood replaced by a solution coming from the Bra cactus, giving them exceptional physical abilities.

They discover ruins on a planet from where an unidentified signal is coming from. Exploring further, they find underground installations protected by robots. Roi Danton is suddenly captured by a sphere and disapperas, soon followed by Jokay Homm. The rest of the commando flees further into the caves and later, finds Homm's dead body.

Before they take off, the Free Traders see the Francis Drake being hunted by three unknown conical spaceships. The Francis Drake manages to evade but a Gazelle is captured by one of the cone spaceships.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-18

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