380 - Das Zeitkommando
Time Commando
Clark Darlton

The Terrans accept the plan and a small commando is sent back into time in 7682 BC. They meet the commander of the base, Nayn Ichtrac, and pass as Lemurians of the future. They show them proof that Scimor will soon be destroyed.

The Maahk fleet arrives and the Terrans teleport on the Maahk ship that is about to crash on Scimor. The crew on this ship will represent a deadly threat to the Terrans in 2436, so they need to be eliminated. The Terrans plant bomb on the spaceship which explodes soon thereafter.

The Terrans bring Ichtrac back into the present but the Lemurian doesn't survive the trip. When they're back, they learn that Gus Barnard's brain just died, but Koczon accepts to give the Terrans the blueprints of the Dark Moon, along with the pacifying weapon and the plans necessary to create a transdim drive. Rhodan also receives the instructions to build the time machine but he destroys them.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-11

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