379 - Das Tor zur Hölle
The Gate to Hell
Kurt Mahr

The Krest receives a warning from Gus Barnard, the former scientific officer of the Dino-III, telling him about the presence of an enemy on Scorcher. The Terrans are then attacked by a fleet of Maahks and are forced to retreat inside Scorcher, where they find an abandoned station that contains Gus Barnard's brain floating in a solution. Barnard asks the Terrans to ressuscitate one of the hundred Lemurian kept in a cryogenic sleep in a nearby location.

The Lemurian called Natrin Koczon then tells the story of his people...

During the war against the Halutians, the Tamra Scimor creates a secret colony on Scorch and creates the pacific weapon that will be later used to neutralize all the Bestians. One day, they make contact with the Dino-III, commanded by the major Gus Barnard, who requests the help of the Lemurians to assist the Terrans in their fight against the Masters of the Island.

It takes several millennia but the giant spaceship is finally built and then sent back toward the Milky Way at relativistic speeds. Unfortunately, their calculations contained errors and Old Man misses its target by twenty-nine years.

Scimor is then attacked by a Maahk fleet and even though the Lemurians manage to repel them, the Lemurian world is completely destroyed. The hundred survivors relocate On Scorcher and Trobos is configured to lure visitors away from where the Lemurians really are.

Natrin Koczon then suggests a risky plan: go back in time in order to stop the Maahk spaceship from landing and therefore, eliminating all Maahk presence on the planet.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-11

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