378 - Planet der Ungeheuer
Planet of the Monsters
William Voltz

Following the directions from the memory crystal, the Krest V arrives in the Scorch system, made of three planets: Logher, a planet of molten rocks, Scorcher, a gas giant, and Trobos, a jungle-covered world. Giant structures are in orbit around Trobos, making the Terrans wonder if it's not where Old Man was assembled. The Terrans then receive thoughts from intelligent creatures they recognize: they are Walkers, of the same race as the ones they encountered on Old Man.

Rhodan wants to make contact with the giant caterpillars and penetrate inside a giant tower. At the same moment, the Krest V is hurled through a transmitter. It rematerializes on Scorcher and flies out into orbit.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-11

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