377 - Wüste der strahlenden Steine
The Desert of the Radiating Stones
William Voltz

Rhodan requests the assistance of Serguei Chuziklev, a scientist specialized in Lemurian history, and then heads for Satyat, the planet where Old Man was built thousands of years ago. The gravity on Satyat is 7.2g and creatures are living on it nevertheless. On their way toward a zone that is protected from their sensors, the Terrans discover a certain type of crystal whose frequency is very similar to the one emitted by the Dolan shields.

The radiation of the crystals is slowly wearing down the antigravs of Rhodan and his crew and they start suffering from the extreme gravity. As he's close to exhaustion, Rhodan makes into a Lemurian dome where a normal gravity allows him to recuperate. Inside, a memory crystal is handed out to him.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-11

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