376 - Stimmen aus der Vergangenheit
Voices from the Past
Clark Darlton

A fleet of two thousand Dolans heading for the Earth is detected and violent fights start at the periphery of the Solar System. The Terrans realize that their anti-DpF devices are now powerless against the new generation of Dolan ships and Rhodan is forced to start evacuating the Earth.

As the Dolan fleet approaches the Earth, Old Man sets into action and activates a new weapon called Dark Moon that turns off the paratronic shields of all the Dolans . The enemy fleet is then completely destroyed. Old Man invites Rhodan on board and in the command center, a message is delivered after the Terrans had to authenticate themselves by recognizing an old song.

The message comes from Rog Fanther and gives the coordinates of the world where Old Man was created, and which also holds the weapon blueprints.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-11

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