375 - Verschwörung in Andromeda
Conspiracy in Andromeda
H.G. Ewers

When the Rubicon finally arrives in Andromeda, the Tefrodians questioned finally confess that they are part of a clandestine movement called Spoctara. Kantor Chiarini asks twenty thousand spaceships from the Maahks and also mentions the thread of the crustacean creatures and also from Spoctara. His request is granted, and the Terrans then head for a planet called Sepul where a recent rebellion is causing the Maahks some problems.

The rebellion is led by a man called Luskor, whom the Terrans capture, and who turns out to be Saar Lun, the Modul that Perry Rhodan met during the fight against the Masters of the Island. The Maahks arrive on Sepul and destroy the entire planet.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-11

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