374 - Die Macht des Sepulveda
The Power of the Sepulveda
H.G. Ewers

Perry Rhodan decides to ask the Maahks for help and sends the cruiser Rubicon into the intergalactic void, with the mutant Betty Toufry on board. When they reach the first station, Lookout, they learn that the next station, Midway, hasn't sent any communications for months. When they reach Midway, they are forced to land by the Maahk commander of the station, Grek-1, but a few Terrans escape before being made prisoners, including Toufry.

Betty learns that things started changing in Midway after a certain spaceship arrived, which the Terrans then investigate. Inside, they find an infestation of creatures looking like crustaceans who have been flooding the station with hostile impulses. Once the threat has been neutralized, the Terrans discover Tefrodians on the station and realize that they intended to attack the Milky Way with the creatures.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-11

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