373 - In der Todeszone
Into the Dead Zone
Hans Kneifel

Another expedition is sent on Haluta, this time with Kana's permission. They enter a zone that is forbidden to Halutians but since the commando is made of Terrans only, they can penetrate inside without triggering any defense mechanism. They finally reach the center of the Death Zone and activate the hologram of a Halutian who reveals the past of his race.

The Bestians are the result of biological experiments carried off by the Okefenokees seventy thousand years ago. They conquered M-87 within three thousand years and finally, the installation of the Blue Radiance forced them to flee M-87. They settled in the Magellanic Clouds and later, fell under the influence of unkown beings who call themselves the First Frequency Power. The mysterious beings forced them to be fitted with a symbiote that made them obedient and turned them into Bi-Conditioned.

Half a million Bestians rebelled and found shelter on Haluta, in the Milky Way. They started wreaking havoc in the galaxy until the Lemurians used a pacifying weapon against them, turning them into today's Halutians.

The commando brings back recordings on the Ex-3333 but further findings reveal that the Lemurian pacifying weapon takes fifty years to act, so Rhodan needs to find a weapon that will work right away. The Terrans depart from Haluta, leaving behind Icho Tolot, Fancan Teik, Hisso Rillos and Pinar Alto.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-11

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