372 - Expedition zur verbotenen Welt
Expedition on a Forbidden World
Hans Kneifel

The Terrans are still wondering how to explain the fact that the Halutians, who used to be so aggressive, suddenly turned pacific. They are also busy setting up the defenses against the onslaught of Dolans, which will happen as soon as their entire fleet has been fitted with anti-DpF devices.

Rhodan decides to head for Haluta, which is normally forbidden to any non-Halutian. When they get there, Rhodan explains the goal of their visit to Waxo Khana, the Halutian leader, but their request to land on Haluta to investigate is declined.

Rhodan sends a commando on the planet anyway, led by Icho Tolot. They discover hidden installations beneath the surface and a device is suddenly activated the paralyzes Tolot. The Terrans find a museum showing the horrible feats achieved by the ancestors of the Halutians in the past and the commando is finally captured by Waxo Khana, who eventually accepts to release the Terrans.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-10

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