371 - Attentat auf die Sonne
Strike against the Sun
Clark Darlton

Rascani escapes and heads for Beynerth, the headquarter of his spy organization. He gives his cell activator to their commander, Tathos A-Bessos, who kills him when he realizes he no longer needs him.

Pucky and the Sigan Harl Dephin have been following Rascani and they discover the presence of two Bi-Conditioned and their Dolans. The Akonides have been working with them in an attempt to get a weapon that could turn the Sun into a nova. Pucky and Dephin attack, destroying the two Dolans, and then start looking for Tathos A-Bessos. Pucky finally grabs his cell activator, sentencing the Arkonide to death in a short period of time.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-10

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