370 - Verrat auf OLD MAN
Conspiracy on Old Man
William Voltz

The Terrans are back in the Solar System and Rhodan gets ready to replace his duplicate, Heiko Anrath, when he learns that the Akonides are aware of the deception and are about to disclose it to all Terrans.

An Akonide spy named Orlin Rascani breaks into Heiko Anrath's apartment, kills Laury Marten, the mutant who was Anrath's body guard, and convinces Anrath to join him, since Rhodan's return means that he will go back to being a simple soldier in the fleet. Anrath accepts and orders for Rhodan and his crew to be arrested.

Rascani orders the Terran fleet to be sent away, thus weakening the Solar Systm against a potential attack from the Dolans. Finally, Pucky locates him and captures him, but not before the Akonide is able to kill Anrath.

Rhodan finally reveals to the Terrans what has been happening these past months.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-10

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