368 - Von Galaxis zu Galaxis
From one Galaxy to the Other
Kurt Mahr

On Homeside, an abandoned planet, the work starts to fit the two Halutian ships with the transdim drives. Homeside is mostly populated by giant birds that a few scientists study during their stay. Finally, the entire crew boards the two spaceships and, leaving the Khrest IV behind, head out of M-87.

The engine fails and the Terrans realize that some of the giant birds have boarded the ships and have created devices that are neutralizing the transdim drive. When they get rid of the birds, the drives are finally activated but they go out of control. The two ships arrive in the Milky Way and the Terrans abandon them as automatic system pulls the two spaceships back into M-87 where they get destroyed by the Blue Radiance. Thousands of Terrans become refugees on a planet swept by powerful storms.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-10

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