367 - Im Zentrum der Riesensonne
In the Center of the Giant Suns
K.H. Scheer

On August 2436, an accident causes the spare engines of the Box-13111 to be unusable, preventing the Khrest IV from returning to the Milky Way. The only way is now for Rhodan to contact the Creators of the Centers and ask them for a transdimensional drive.

The Terrans return to Monol, which is now surrounded by a Dumfrie fleet. They drop off the sixty-two Okefenokees rescued during the assault on Dusty Queen and a transmitter soon appears to teleport them away. The Krest flies through it before it disappears.

The spaceship materializes inside a giant sun that is six thousand light years big and from the where the Blue Radiance comes from. Icho Tolot determines it is an artificial structure built by the Creators of the Center, who must be hiding somewhere in it. The Terrans discover a solar system made of eight planets that they call Wheel, and they barely escape an attack from a Bestian fleet which destroys Box-13111.

Rhodan contacts the Creators of the Center and gets a response from the Nine Thinkers, their mysterious leaders. When he threatens to destroy the main planet of Wheel, the Creators reluctantly accept his condition and give the Terrans two transdim drives.

The Terrans leave the sphere and fly to an isolated planet in order to fit the two Halutian spaceships with the transdim drives.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-10

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