366 - Das Rätsel der Biostation
The Riddle of the Bio Station
Clark Darlton

During the attack on Zootkohn, The Terrans discover a recording from the Bestiand giving the location of Ednil, aplanet where the Okefenokees are doing research. Eynch Zigulor, the spokesperson of the Okefenokees, ask Rhodan to destroy the Dusty Queen system so that Ednil doesn't fall into the Bestians hands. Rhodan refuses but decides to investigate.

The Terrans face Bestians on Ednil but with the intervention of the Khrest IV, they are able to contain them. Further investigations reveal the presence of Perlians who are imprisoned and working for the Bestians against their will. Ednil is actually the planet of origin of the Perlians and the ones the Terrans fought in the Magellanic Cloud were moved there by the Bestians, who are also responsible for the graft of their third eye, allowing them to see one tenth of a second in the future.

The Terrans free the Perlians and pick them up on the Khrest IV.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-10

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