365 - Das strahlende Netz
The Radiating Net
Hans Kneifel

The Khrest heads toward Zootkohn, the first planet of the Dusty Queen system, which is surrounded by a network of discs emitting a deadly radiation for Halutians. Pucky and Tschubai try to teleport past the disc but ring.

Two shuttles land on Zootkohn and discover Bestians guarding thousands of Skovars held prisoners. They also discover two hundred Dolans and Rhodan asks for Atlan's help.

To their surprise, the Terrans sixty-two regenerated Okefenokees. They are hypnotized and are in charge of the station. The Terrans understand that the gnomes have been removed from their dematerialization on Monol. They free the gnomes and the Skovarto dies during the ensuing fights. The Terrans and the Okefenokees return to the Khrest.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-08

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