364 - Die grüne Bestie
The Green Bestian
H.G. Ewers

The commando on Norvo discovers giants beasts that make them realize that this is where Dolans are manufactured. The Bestians tried to engineer them genetically but instead, produced these monsters that are now populating the planet. Rhodan tries to make contact with the Bestiands and heads for Pauper, another planet of the system, where he is greeted by Chappuy-Kitos, a green-skinned Bestian.

The invitaion is actually a trap and the crew is captured. The Bestians want to know where Monol is and the Terrans only escape thanks to the teleporters. They also discover by accident that the Skovarto is being imprisoned nearby.

With his help, the Terrans sabotage the installation on Pauper and the biosphere starts collapsing on itself. The Terrans return to the Khrest just before the entire bubble disappears.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-08

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