363 - Nacht zwischen den Sonnen
The Night between the Suns
H.G. Ewers

After the discovery of Monol, the Creators of the Center send a fleet of Dumfries and the Scintilla system is completely surrounded. Meanwhile, the Terrans keep questioning the Bestians they captured and one of them, Oluk, tells them about a dark cloud called Lethara, where no space navigation can occur.

As soon as they arrive, Olukh dies and his body disintegrates. The Khrest is having a hard time moving through Lethara, fighting against giant proto-algae that try to destroy them. They finally discover a biosphere in the shape of a bubble one hundred million kilometers big. Inside the sphere, they find a sun they call Dusty Queen and a shuttle is sent toward the third planet, Norvo. At the same time, Bestian spaceships approaching the planet are detected.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-08

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