362 - Der Irre und der Tote
The Mad Man and the Dead
William Voltz

On Scintilla, the Terran Jean Beriot, who lost his mind when he was being questioned by the Aphaneans, removes Scanlon Ocachee from his sarcophagus and takes his place. Then the sarcophagus takes off and heads for Monol, where it lands.

Beriot is submitted to a similar treatment Pucky underwent and he becomes young again. He is picked up by the Terran commando as they all observe the activation of transmitters sending the regenerated Okefenokees toward a mysterious destination.

Rhodan wonders if the Creators of the Center wouldn't be these regenerated Okefenokees. They are picked up by the Khrest IV shortly thereafter.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-08

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