361 - Der Turm des ewigen Lebens
The Tower of Eternal Youth
Clark Darlton

Since the Dumfries, the M-87 soldiers, didn't intervene during the fight against the Bestiands, the Terrans are beginning to suspect a connection between the Okefenokees and and the Creators of the Center. They also know that their dead bodies are resurrected after they have been exposed to the Blue Radiance. The thirty-two sarcophagi are sent into space and they start their journey toward the Center.

The shuttle KC-1 follows the sarcophagi and arrives on a mineral planet mostly made of a material similar to diamond. The new mineral turns out to have hyper-physical abilities and it is named neo-howalgonium. On the planet, Pucky seems to be getting younger and the doctor soon confirms that his organism has been altered by the planet.

The KC-1 is attacked by crystal formations and have to flee toward distant mountains, where they discover the blue stone that is used to make the medallions that the M-87 leaders wear.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-08

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