360 - Im Reich der Teleporter
The the Kingdom of the Teleporters
Hans Kneifel

On June 28th, 2436, a big party is thrown on the Khrest to celebrate Rhodan's five hundredth birthday. The Terrans decide to seek help with the Philosophers and Thinkers of the Galaxy, the Okefenokees. A few people suggest to try to come back into the Milky Way with the gear brought by the Box-13111 but Rhodan is determined to unravel the secret of the Creators of the Center and he also wants to grab a transdimensional drive.

The Terran fleet arrives in the Scintilla system and a gnome materializes on the Khrest. His name is Scanlon Ocachee and he introduces himself as a Tri-Thinker. The Terrans also realize that he belongs to the same race as the gnome they found in a sarcophagus a few months ago.

As Rhodan is trying to explain their situation, the Okefenokees tell him they have located a signal emitted from the Khrest and they capture all the Terrans for treason. Shortly thereafter, a fleet of Bestians attack Scintilla and when the Terrans assist the gnomes in fighting back, the Okefenokees realize the Terrans are their friends.

Thirty-two Okfenokees have died during the assault and their bodies are put in sarcophagi similar to the one the Khrest found when it arrive in M-87.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-08

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