36 - Die Seuche des Vergessens
The Plague of Oblivion
Clark Darlton

Perry Rhodanís task force, consisting of John Marshall, Tako Kakuta, Kitai Ishibashi, Tama Yokida and Gucky, hide on a Goszulís sailing ship. Perry Rhodan is himself waiting aboard the STARDUST II eight light days from Goszuls Planet. The Goszuls live in a civilization that is comparable to 18th century Earth. While Kitai Ishibashi protects his friends from discovery with his power of suggestion, John Marshall using his telepathic abilities discovers that an underground organization of Goszuls exist who wish liberate the planet.

Gucky describes to the others Perry Rhodan's plan to liberate the planet: The team will introduce an artificial disease, which initially causes a rash on the skin and then apparently attacks the brain of the person concerned, until they completely lose their memory. After some time after taking the anti-serum, which Gucky also brought from Perry Rhodan, these symptoms dissipate but with the sustainable and positive side-effect that the infectedís †intelligence is increased by an average of about 20%. Perry Rhodan expects that with the spread of the disease the Springers will flee in panic.

In order to implement this plan, Gucky and Tako Kakuta, the teleporters of the Mutant Corps, retrieve with some difficulty various gadgets and the bacteriological bombs that Gucky had hidden on his arrival on the planet.

In the second phase, John Marshall makes contact with Enzally, a telepathic Goszul and head of the underground organization. They team up, and John convinces the undergroundís leaders to spread the disease by infected themselves. In the following weeks the disease spreads and not only increases chaos among the natives, but also among the Springers.

During a deployment mission, Gucky intercepts the thoughts of a Springer, who has a meeting with the Springer Patriarch. Gucky and Tako Kakuta sabotage this with plague bombs on the express orders of Perry Rhodan after it is discovered that the destruction or conquest of Earth is being planned.

Few Springer can escape the disease but nobody prevents them from leaving in an emergency evacuation as the outbreak covers the planet. The Springers impose a quarantine on the planet for at least 50 years, leaving a very valuable collection for Perry: several hundred combat robots and the unfinished prototype of a new type Springer ship.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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