359 - Die Korvette der Todeskandidaten
The Corvette of the Death Candidates
Kurt Mahr

On 2436-June-10th, the Crest IV receives an offer for negociation from the Druisant Kibosh Baiwoff. The Terrans are invited in the Parjar system to discuss with the spokesperson of the Power of the Center. A corvette is sent to Parjar, led by Tschai Kulu.

On its way, the corvette is intercepted by chlorine-breathing creatures that inspect the spaceship but eventually leave without any further action. The Terran delegation reaches Parjar and they meet with Kibosh Baiwoff, accompanied by two Super Engineers. The Druisant tells them that the Terrans are invited to join the commonwealth led by the Power of the Center. In exchange, the Terrans demand two paratron converters in order to return to the Milky Way. This demand infuriates the Druisant, who rejects it.

In the meantime, Don Masters, one of the Terran crewmembers, sneaks on board the Druisant's spaceship and discovers that the interception of the corvette by the chlorine creature was staged by the Druisant. He is captured the Dumfries and returned to the delegation, to the Terrans' utter surprise, who would expect the Druisant to try and cover up his secret by killing Masters.

The negociations end by the Druisant eventually accepting to deliver two Paratron converters to the Terrans in four weeks. Still very defying about the Druisant, Masters kidnaps Baiwoff, who is forced to stay with the Terrans as they head back to the Crest IV.

As they are about to report to Rhodan, Masters discovers that a deadly virus has been introduced on the corvette and the spaceship flies away. The chlorine-creatures incident was only meant to mislead the Terrans. The virus soon strikes and decimates almost the entirety of the crew in a few days. Tschai Kulu eventually decides to end the agony by driving the corvette into a sun.

Cedric Beust

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